The Original Sin Explained

The Original Sin Explained

When humankind fell from the grace of God by eating the forbidden fruit of Eden, the aftermath of such action merited a generational impact. Why is the original sin important? And why experts gather through cheap flight deals to debate on this matter? Theologians have made several theories revolving in the original sin, explaining the weight of Adam’s fall.

The Almost Perfect World

When God created the world, He created Eden in perfection. He made the Earth rich with living creatures that creep its dirt. He filled the skies with birds that fly in magnificence. He created Eden like the Amsterdam city walking tour, full of life and vigour. But in the middle of its perfection was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It symbolizes human’s choice and лас вегас достопримечательности. God forbade Adam to eat the fruit of the tree. It was a simple instruction yet a profound one. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is a tiny loophole in the almost perfect world that God created for Adam and Eve. God makes no mistakes. He intentionally placed that tree in the garden of Eden, so humans can exercise their faith and choice.

The Fall of Man Kind

As the famous saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat”, Man Kind partaken the forbidden fruit and ate it. The simple disobedience caused a generational separation from God. It had a ripple effect which made the world fall in the grips of sin. People fell over and over again, doing things in las vegas reisen despite the warnings and wisdom from the Bible. We have a choice. Adam had a choice to decline the offer of Eve, yet he made a choice to join Eve in what God calls death. As a result of their action, they had to labour day and night. Adam had to dig the dirt of the Earth to live, while Eve suffered in giving birth to her two sons.



The weight of that sin has meanings. Humans are created to be under the grace of God. They are created to live and enjoy the beauty of the Earth without toil and suffering. But the sin which made them separated from the grace of God became everyone’s downfall. A nemesis we cannot escape. No matter what we do in cheap hotels in city centre of Amsterdam to try to earn the goodness of God, we will always fall short. We have seen countries firing bullets and bombs to one another just like how Cain killed his brother Abel. We’ve seen people go every day into their lives without meaning. It is an endless cycle.


Grace Came

Despite Man Kind’s weaknesses, God made a way for us all. Once again, we are given a choice. Just how God put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Eden, He brought Jesus to the Earth to save us all. Jesus is the only way to get out of the curse of the fall. Jesus is the Tree of Life. We hope that this time, humans will make the right choice.